Achievements & Challenges


  • Political goodwill /stakeholder goodwill.
  • Establishment of 10 Fosa branches.
  • Establishment of a Micro finance business unit.
  • Completion of Sacco Building in Nyamache which houses our FOSA.
  • Accumulated members savings deposits.
  • Wide Increase in membership base of 3,000 from 1999 to 30,854 in 2015.
  • Recruitment of well-trained, qualified and experienced staff.
  • Increased modernization of SACCO’S Operations.
  • Improved marketing of SACCO products.
  • Capable and dedicated leaders.
  • Improved image which has created member/customer confidence.
  • Common values and democratic decision making.
  • Competent advisers.
  • Creation of a Marketing department and increase in field Marketing.
  • Improvement in Corporate Governance within the SACCO.
  • Opening the common bond, rebranding and affordable products to our members.


The following Challenges were identified to enable the SACCO focus on key Strategic issues and policy choices. The following are Major challenges currently facing the SACCO, which it has to address:

  • Poor Savings Culture among Sacco members.
  • High Cost of Funds.
  • Limited Education and Information/Awareness on Corporative Matters.
  • Competition from Greenland fedha, other Sacco’s and Banks.
  • Unstable Money Market.
  • High Inflation Rates that leads to fluctuations of tea and coffee prices.
  • Unstable tea market.


  • The best sacco stand ASK Kisii Show on 12/07/2012
  • The highest micro-finance lender in Kisii County 2013 (by County Cooperative Commis-sioner)
  • Highest shareholding rural Sacco the year 2013 (by KUSCCO LTD)
  • The best micro-finance institutions stand on 12/07/2013 (by ASK Kisii Show)
  • The best financial institution other than bank on 12/07/2013 (by ASK Kisii Show)
  • The best micro-finance institution stand on 12/07/2013 (by ASK Kisii Show).
  • The best capitalized Sacco countrywide on 7/07/2014 during the international cooperatives day 2014.
  • Ushirika day celebrations as the best managed Sacco Kisii County 2012-2013.
  • CIC Insurance group limited as the best Sacco in Risk management Western Region.
  • Kisii ASK Show award 2013 for the best micro-finance institutions (1) 2013.
  • Highest shareholding Sacco in relation to membership (1st position) by KUSCCO on 15/05/2015.


The Sacco has reviewed its strategic plan and business plan to take its business forward by way of expansion, modernization, product innovation, diversification and technology advancement. This will enable the Sacco to achieve its objectives and enhance the Sacco’s business by encouraging;

  • Growth and diversification of Sacco products and services.
  • Increase of loan portfolio and mobilize more savings from members and Non members.
  • Innovation of new products and services.
  • Introduction of mobile banking, M-Sacco and agency banking.
  • Increased marketing of Sacco products and services.
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