Sacco Board

The society has nine Board members elected from the general membership of the society.
One third of the Board members retire on rotational basis but are eligible for re-election, in accordance with the provisions of the Co-operative Societies Act and Rules. The Management Board is required to ensure that the business of the Society is conducted in accordance with the relevant Co-operative laws, the By-laws of the Society and resolutions of the members in
every Annual General Meeting.

  Name Board Members Position
1. Mr. Evans Obonyo     Chairman
2. Mr. Evans Onchieku Vice Chairman
3. Mr. Johnson Kiyaka Hon. Secretary
4. Mr. Richard Manyara Hon. Treasurer
5. Mr. Kenedy Gekombe Director
6. Mr. Samson Mogaka Director
7. Mr. Joash Manyoni Director
8. Mr. James Otoki Director
9. Mr. Zablon M. Nyakundi Director

The Board has nine members and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as an ex-officio. The separate roles of the Chairman and the CEO are practiced and are clearly defined in the by-laws that are regularly revised to be in line with legislation and statutes. The Board meets quarterly to deliberate on the Society’s financial performance and discuss reports from each committee and deal with any strategic issues and opportunities for the Sacco.


The Society had the following committees in place during the year with terms of reference clearly defined in the by-laws to facilitate decision making of the Management Board in the execution of its powers, duties and authorities.

  1. Finance and Administration Committee
  1. Credit Committee
  1. Education & Marketing Committee
  1. Audit & Risk Management Committee

The above Committees meet quarterly to deliberate issues that fall under their mandate.


The day to day running of the society is vested in the Administration, consisting of the CEO and all the employees of the Society, under the overall supervision of the Board.

Administrative and operational functions of the society are grouped in departments each with its set of distinct functions.

The board, through the current strategic plan and this business plan intends to reorganize the society operations, specifically the human resource and IT department functions in line with its growth plan and to ensure compliance with and ultimately to ensure efficient service delivery and maximum utilization of the society’s resources for maximum benefit to the members.

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